I am located at 49b Crabtree Road, Botley, Oxford 0X2 9DU. 

Feeling stressed out? A massage is a great way to reduce stress and tension in the body. It can help improve circulation, promote relaxation, and relieve pain and stiffness. 

 My name is Kathy, a certified Chinese Massage Therapist offering a variety of massages that will suit your needs. 
You can choose from a Full Body Massage, Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Cupping Therapy, Foot Massage or Head massage. 
All  services are affordable and will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

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Need a break from the daily grind? If so, consider getting a massage at CYJ Therapy Centre in Oxford. Massages are not just for those who are feeling tense or sore - they have tons of benefits! 

Disposable Massage Couch Cover 
Disposable Mask Supplied 
Hand Sanitisers in all Rooms 
Shower Facility and Fresh Towels 
Premises Disinfected


  • Steve Ilott 5 Star Rating
    Kathy is an amazing therapist, makes aches and pains disappear like magic 

  • Jainero Watts 5 Star Rating
    Best massage in Oxford! Tailored to your needs. Not a generic massage like most places in Oxford

  • Tim Whealy 5 Star Rating
    Excellent deep tissue massage. Totally professional.

  • Peter Stokoe 5 Star Rating
    Very good massage too my shoulders and neck.It relieved my pain and made it good. Also the girl done my back and leg's that has been very painful. I would definitely return for more treatment very professional and relaxing

  • Chris Busby 5 Star Rating
    A very good deep tissue massage. My whole seemed tight but after the second session everything is feeling less so. I have booked a third session and will book a fourth then go monthly

  • William Lee 5 Star Rating
    Very good massage. Professional massage . Will back soon 

  • Mary Dean 5 Star Rating  EXCEPTIONAL! Her deep knowledge of anatomy and wealth of techniques mean that time with her is transformational.

Full Body Massage*sportsmassagenew*png?alt=media&token=d8806807-9403-4007-bd08-5103366da40e
I offer a variety of massage techniques that will help you relax after a long day at work or school. I have been trained extensively in Swedish and Chinese massage techniques as well as deep tissue massages that target problem areas such as knots or trigger points - so if you have any aches or pains I can help! 
I also offer prenatal massages for expectant mothers who want to stay healthy during pregnancy while relieving some common discomforts like backaches and sciatica pain. I am a licensed professional with over 18 years experience treating clients just like yourself! 
PRICING: 30 mins £40 / 60 mins £60 / 90 mins £90 / 120 mins £120 
Ear Candling £25 / Sauna £25 for 45mins

Hot Stones Massage*lady-hotstones*png?alt=media&token=3cef09d3-ad76-46b8-9f09-8f6b13cc535f
Have you been feeling a little stressed lately?
We offer the perfect way to relax and unwind. We offer Hot Stones Massage, which is an ancient technique that has been used for centuries in Asia. The heat of the stones helps to release tension from your muscles and joints while also increasing circulation. It’s a great way to relieve stress after a long day at work or school! 
PRICING: 30 mins £40 / 60 mins £60 / 90 mins £90
Sauna £25 for 45mins

Sports Massage*deeptissue*jpg?alt=media&token=59b9e145-3f87-4566-9ebe-ed4e6ac5d796
Sports and Deep Tissue Massage is a type of therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the muscles and connective tissues. It's used to alleviate soreness, reduce muscle spasms or cramping, increase range of motion by improving flexibility and mobility as well as promoting healing for many types injuries from minor strains to more serious ones like sprains or burns. 
PRICING: 30 mins £40 / 60 mins £60 / 90 mins £90
Sauna £25 for 45mins

Cupping Therapy*cupping*webp?alt=media&token=d8e6bf75-0b73-4216-a4e1-071147ca4f47
Cupping Therapy is a type of massage therapy that uses suction cups to create localised negative pressure on the skin. The technique is used by many athletes and celebrities for its therapeutic benefits, including increased blood flow, reduced muscle tension, and improved range of motion. It’s also been shown to relieve pain from conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. 
PRICING: 30 mins £40 / 60 mins £60
Sauna £25 for 45mins

About Kathy

I am Yu Quang Chang aka Kathy and I am the proud owner of the CYJ Therapy Centre,
The shop has been open since April 2021 after the last lockdown and has already build a clientele of regular clients.  I am a qualified masseur with over 18 years experience and have lived in the UK for 13 years. 
I am a Member of The Association of Chinese Medical Practitioners adhering and upholding their professional standards.*Kathy%20certificate*png?alt=media&token=dec1f9b7-2b16-4b24-a08d-bfc79c997b83

My Location 49B Crabtree Road, Botley, OX2 0DU

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